Taking the standard figure after have baby

During pregnancy, the mother usually eat a lot and gain weight significantly. However, after have baby, how to regain the pretty boby neat as before?

First, you should immediately change your eating habits. Before eating one type of food do you have to determine when to eat, why to eat and what not to eat. In addition, you also have to have certain training methods.

Losing weight after baby

Besides, you should keep in mind some simple things:

1. Eat smaller portions of food

This is quite important in the process of losing weight. Because most people eat more than what your body needs, so to lose weight, we should eat less than one third of daily food.

However, this will not be easy. To do this, when you should eat the food container sizes and test parameters on calories in food (Normally, an accidental one woman and men need 2,000 to 2,500 calories calorie).

Tip for you: You can use a smaller casserole dish to feel mislead.

2. Eat slowly and stop eating before you feel full stomach

Eat a piece of food in his mouth before the next piece. Wait 5 minutes after eating to feel your appetite.

Normally, if you’re not in control, you will always want to eat even though you did not actually hungry. But if you have the time to eat slowly and stop to feel the taste of foods you tend to eat more of is limited.

3. Drinking Water

Drink a glass of water before each meal to help reduce cravings for the stomach lining with a glass of water, your stomach will peer and reduce food intake. However, you can not drink except water because rice is one of the sub-elements of water help you lose weight but do not help your body to be nourished.

4. Alcohol can not lose weight

If you choose to drink alcohol to lose weight, it is a mistake. You remember that alcohol and alcohol containing many hidden calories. A large glass of wine can contain about 200 calories. The other alcoholic beverages can contain more.

5. Review your habits

Instead of eating comfort while pregnant and while breastfeeding, be sure to check back to your eating habits, especially the habit of snacking. Snacks will make it difficult to control the amount of food on the body and some snacks also contain more calories and fat.

If you really need to remember is to lose weight, you can drink water before bed and every morning after waking up.

6. Positive eating fruits and vegetables

Every day, you should take the time to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of rice and meat.

7. Balancing food

If today you eat too much, the next day you need to reduce the amount of food down. Manage your weight and balance is how food can help you control your weight gain problems.

8. Avoid drinks that contain calories

Even coffee contains up to 200 calories. Additionally, hot chocolate and other drinks such as champagne are also fat, but less nutrition. Therefore, you should limit or avoid drinks that contain calories if you do not want to increase my weight.

9. Eating soup 2 times / week in the evening

In a week, you should spend two evenings for snacks such as porridge, soup. What is this food meets nutritional, so you do not do it and also contain fewer calories.

10. Exercise to lose weight

Do not go to a too heavy. Make a habit of walking away and remember that while you take positive swung to the body’s muscles to be active and burn extra calories.

Changes in eating habits and exercise to improve body is a good solution for postpartum mothers, not only helps the body better, stronger, but pretty good for small children.

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