How to maintain the weight loss results ?

Weight loss was an effort to keep the achievements but equally difficult . Because if you do not pay attention , only a little loose weight alone is your past will come back , and even longer to gain weight uncontrollably . Here are some shared achievement helps you maintain your weight loss without the fear of gaining weight back . Subscribe mass index When reached physique , weighing as standard and want to maintain this success after days of workouts , you track your weight index steadily each week . This is the simplest way for you to keep fit and stability for their weight without having to worry . If you see your weight exceed permitted levels and risk gaining weight , you can also adjust timely exercise regime and your diet . Selecting the natural fat burning foods To maintain body weight at its current ideal , the food you put into your body plays an important role . In their menu you should add these foods help the body burn fat naturally as asparagus , grapefruit , cinnamon . Grapefruit and asparagus can be extremely good for losing weight , maintaining physique . Cinnamon helps increase the body's sensitivity to insulin . Romance friends to exercise Even if you have gained stature as standard , you also should not " rest on victory " but neglect to exercise a head start ! Exercise not only to lose weight but also help you stay healthy , fight disease . Enticement more friends along to the gym or workout at the fitness exercise … [Read more...]