5 warning signs you have a very high risk of diabetes

Do you ever reflect on their data to assess the risk factors for diabetes or not ? How do you know you are at risk for diabetes or not ?

While diabetes is becoming more common and extended objects sick, early detection of the signs of diabetes is urgently needed , but early detection of risk factors for developing the disease even more important . Because it warns potential signs of illness that you can hardly avoid .
So how do you know if you are at risk for diabetes or not ? Refer to the following five signs :

1. You’re overweight and inactive
Of all people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, more than 85% of them are overweight. Abdominal obesity (abdominal fat) is particularly concerned with the high risk of diabetes. Increased weight increases the body’s resistance to insulin. And that causes high blood sugar levels.
If you are sedentary – that is, you do not participate in many physical activities daily. This factor increases the risk of developing diabetes more than doubled.
Just by increasing the physical activities of life as well as reduce both risk factors for diabetes. Exercise can reduce your insulin resistance, but also help you lose weight. Research shows that even a few kilograms reduction alone can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in any object.

2. You eat all the foods they were warned to avoid
If you are someone who loves to eat fatty, sugary foods and enjoy them often, then you’re giving her the menu for diabetics.
“People do not think of their diet, the foods they normally eat or eat comfortably is to put them at risk of diabetes” – in the opinion of Dr. Stewart Harris, a local doctor specializes in diabetes family and President Canadian Diabetes Association, the University of Western Ontario.
But if you keep eating habits fried foods, carbonated drinks, or eating more sugary pastries that will make you face the risk of weight gain, thereby increasing insulin resistance and put you on the risk of diabetes. You can also develop high cholesterol and high blood pressure, problems often found in people with diabetes and is associated with heart disease.
To reduce this risk, eat your favorite foods with fewer, or as limited as possible.

3. You are at risk from family
If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in your family – his parents, his brother … then you have diabetes risk is higher .
You can not change genes , but you can change its risk level . This spirit should be promoted in the whole family . If everyone in your family better food choices and participate in more physical activities , you are more likely to succeed .

4. You have a number of “women’s issues”
Some women are more likely to develop diabetes than others, which is the sister with polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance in women can cause irregular menstruation. Mothers who give birth more kg can also risk developing diabetes. The women suffering from gestational diabetes – diabetes is only found in pregnancy, there is the risk of diabetes later than 7 times higher than normal mothers.
However, like those in other high-risk groups, you can reduce your risk of disease by examining the diet and physical activity. If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, a medication to lower your blood sugar can also bring benefits.

5. On 40
Despite the fact that type 2 diabetes is diagnosed in more young people , but the disease is most common in people aged beyond 40. That is why we should have regular medical check often starting from age 40 onwards .
Everybody needs to be checked after 40 diabetes , but with those who are at high risk should be tested earlier . Do not bet your health on the potential risk of this disease .

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